Tinder Chronicles Part 1

After 6 months of being single I decided to get back into the dating realm, all my boys told me to get tinder and see how it goes. I use to tell them they were lame for being on the app, but with a busy schedule I had to eat my words, so I downloaded the app and began to swipe away. Matched with a couple of beautiful women who I would definitely take out on a date. I’m terrible with conversation starters so those matches went nowhere, gentlemen never start a message with “hey” or “how’s going” you just seem boring. Once I put effort into my conversation starters everything started flowing, one of my matches was a gorgeous woman in her 30s. After a week of conversations, she got straight to the point and asked when are we’re going to hook up? I thought it was a troll so like a fool, I replied “lol” she replied back saying she’s being serious. I told her that I was available to go out tomorrow for drinks by her she told me to just come over with some wine. I agree to go over but to be honest, I’m scared and nervous, I don’t know if I’m actually going to her place to have sex or get tortured and killed by a serial killer.

                Driving to her place on that night with a bottle of red and white wine. I buzz the code she gave me, send my best mate my whereabouts and if he doesn’t hear from me within three hours think the worst and call the police. I knock on the door and she opens the door. Standing in the doorway wearing a dress, so it hit me at that moment that we’re definitely having sex with that easy access dress in her. Just found it weird to me, first time meeting this woman and I’m already about to have sex. But I guess this is just how the times are. We started watching a horror movie(her choice not mine) that’s when my mind starting going in a frenzy, she’s a serial killer who watches horror movies with her victims before killing them and keeping their remains in the river out back. I couldn’t get comfortable at all, she offered me all types of beverages that’s how she must drug her victims not happening. So I didn’t accept anything from her and continued to watch the movie, my guard was on 100 the whole time.

                She turns towards me and asks why I haven’t made a move yet, I answered saying that I thought you were a psycho serial killer and I was too nervous to even get my dick hard let alone make a move.  She laughed and said she would set the mood right, she went into her room and that definitely didn’t make anything better thought she was going to come back with gun or crossbow. As my imagination ran she came back out with her lingerie on at this point I’m not as nervous anymore because her body was amazing her skin was flawless I wanted to lick her skin more than anything at that moment as creepy as that sounds. She walks over to me unbuckles my pants and I won’t go into details about the rest of the night, but when we finished having sex she told me she’s someone who’s looking to cuddle. I was shocked but intrigued never met a girl like this, I said alright we should go out sometime and she replied with no and to come back in two days to dick her down again. I stood there just looking at her for a few seconds and told her I would bring my sex kit over and she replied with an excited response and asked why I didn’t bring it with me that night. As I was walking to my car I realized that I’m going to be used for sex for the next little while, I didn’t know how to feel about it to tell you the truth. It benefits me because at the time I wasn’t looking for anything serious but at the same time, it’s weird because I am only going to get calls from this girl when she’s horny. What a time to be alive!!


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